Do you have negative patterns in your life that keep repeating?


Do you make the same mistakes over and over again, and don’t know why?


Childhood traumas can affect your adult life in negative ways, including repeating the same negative pattern multiple times. That happens because your inner child has not healed from the past trauma that caused this pattern. Learn through this class how to connect with your inner child to help her/him begin to heal.


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Cost for the class is: $54.99


Only 25 spots available!


Class Location: Class will be held on Zoom and all participants will be sent an invite for this class on June 30th through email


In this class you will be provided with:

  • Techniques for healing your inner child
  • Meditation for inner child healing (sent through email on the day of the class)
  • Mini eBook to help you on your journey (sent through email on the day of the class)
  • Support through telegram channel and Private FB group
  • Interaction with me and others on the same journey
  • Question and answer free live event 30 days after the class

Healing Your Inner Child: Heal Your Past To Heal Your Present